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Newsletter 52: Our BEST articles

Reading Time: 2 min XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This Week’s Ad Spend: $$1,567

Readability: Grade 2 ("So simple, it’s like the teacher who plays a movie on the last day.")

The TikTok Amazon Newsletter that’s more exciting than finding a Nintendo 64 under the Christmas tree... Get ready for a holiday level-up."

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Today’s newsletter covers our best and favourite articles… think of it as ‘holiday reading’….. ‘cos ecom sellers never stop working 😞

Let’s get started…..

TikTok Shop IS the New Goldrush for Amazon sellers

sorcery drink enough GIF

I keep saying this…..

Amazon sellers ruin the party….. whenever we find a strategy that works it is discussed by every guru on every podcast saying how it changed their life and now they live on the beach drinking mohitos…..

Don’t be like the naysayers that refused SFB, Rebates, incentivised reviews, etc….. ‘cos they were all ‘Amazon Legal’ at one stage and these sellers cashed out in the ‘Aggregator era’…. their ethics may have been questionable…. but let’s be honest….. ethics have a price…. what’s your price?

TikTok is not banning Amazon links

Twitch Restrict GIF by Hyper RPG

‘Cos this is what happens when you spend all day in the Amazon Facebook groups where everyone is an expert.

Can TikTok help your Amazon Sales?

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Short answer….. YES.

But the ‘devil is in the details’.

More Proof….. You NEED TikTok

Doc Brown GIF by Back to the Future Trilogy

TikTok is the ‘cockroach that can’t be squashed’.

  • Senate has tried….. and failed.

  • Countries have tried….. and failed.

  • Amazon tried to copy….. still failing.

1 year from now….. I am gonna say “I told you so”.

I started this newsletter to prove to my former aggregator they should have focussed on TikTok…. ‘cos I like to run ‘salt in the wounds’ (I can be petty like that).

Sad part is… they are no longer around…. which kinda steals my glory 🤬 

That's it for this week 👊

Ok, I admit it…. I am being lazy….

I didn’t feel like writing a lengthy email ‘cos it’s Xmas and I have more nativity plays than Santa has presents.

If you could change one thing about this newsletter.... what would it be?

Think of this as your 'Amazon Review" and you are in the Vine program

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

PS…. Next year is going to be epic… if you want a headstart on TikTok, send me a mesage and let’s make a plan.

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