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CASE STUDY: How TikTok Ads can increase your Amazon sales

TikTok makes Amazon nervous

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Tracking sales from TikTok is near impossible.

You see, when it comes to reporting, TikTok and Amazon don’t play well (I have seen the daily traffic; sessions and page views; remain unchanged, even after sending 10,000 clicks from TikTok to Amazon.

I post on LinkedIn almost daily and I mention how you cannot trust the reporting (it caused such a stink that a department in Amazon booked a call with me):

When the call started, I immediately said:

I have this TikTok data and Amazon data, but they don’t correlate. What’s up with that?

I asked them whilst referencing all my data

Their reply…..

That is confidential, we cannot discuss that. We are ending the call.

The Amazon team….. the call was then cut

That was it….. they told me all I wanted to hear!

Because their reply means I am asking right questions and we are onto something…..

Let’s break down a few examples:

I only focus on TikTok Ads: Organic growth is cool, but it’s slow and we don’t have time to waste….

Due to the nature of TikTok Ads, creating case studies is near impossible. So rather, I will be taking certain elements of each campaign

Example 1:

  • Category: Beauty

  • Spend: $307.99

  • CPC: $0.08

  • Link Clicks: 4,065

If we look at their sales during this period (Yellow is when TikTok Ads started)

A few things to bear in mind:

  • This product belongs to an aggregator and this particular aggregator is filled with rockstars that know what they are doing (this is one of the few aggregators that will be here when the others collapse)

  • Their Search Frequency rank improved from 9,257 to 6,610 (I.E. more people are search for the brand on Amazon as a result of the TikTok Ads)

  • TikTok was able to increase their sales by an additional $4,000 per day (averaged out)…… not bad for a $300 ad spend 👊

Example 2:

  • Category: Home Improvement

  • Spend: $400.72

  • CPC: $0.20

  • Link Clicks: 2,014

If we look at the sales increase on Helium10:

Example 3:

  • Category: Bathroom

  • Spend: $160.83

  • CPC: $0.30

  • Link Clicks: 535

Helium10 shows the sales increasing:

Example 4:

  • Category: Kitchen

  • Spend: $451.98

  • CPC: $0.19

  • Link Clicks: 2,426

We know there was a sale boost, but Helium10 could not track the sales

However, we can see the Search Volume increasing for their brand name:

In conclusion…..


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Please bear in mind, each campaign is unique as what you are seeing is the result of months of testing.

One last question:

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Thanks for reading 👊

- Paul

PS. If you are serious about TikTok (our packages start at $2,000 per month) reply to this and let’s chat.

PPS. I am all in on TikTok Shop. Currently we are reaching out to over 100 influencers per week per brand and then boosting their content with TikTok Ads…. expect an update very shortly.

PPPS. Full transparency….. I only have 2 client spots open for the remainder of the year. Don’t waste time…

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