TikTok Traffic Case Study

I love data...

I was that kid in school who loved numbers and even became a maths teacher for 10 years... so yeah, I love data ..... kids not so much (that's why I taught maths 😉).

But when it comes to sending traffic from TikTok to Amazon, there are 2 major problems, we need to understand in order to make any conclusions...

1. Amazon Attribution is glitchy.......on a good day

It's as reliable as me saying I will do the dishes..... **the colonies of ants applaud my laziness**

The standard DTC seller (Shopify site, etc) can optimise and track the traffic sent to their store by embedding the TikTok Pixel.... Amazon doesn't allow for that 🤬.

So we cannot reliably track the traffic sent from TikTok...and in my personal experience, due to the nature of TikTok users, I would say over 80% of users will NOT click the ad but rather find the product themselves on TikTok..... they HATE ads.

So sending traffic from TikTok is pretty much like 'throwing stuff on a wall and seeing what sticks'.

Possible Solutions:

  • Use Amazon Affiliate links.....This is great as it allows us to see what else the customer purchased alongside your products (product bundle ideas?). Problem is that ads can't be run with affiliate links and it's notoriously difficult to maintain an Affiliate Account (creating an account is painful as you need a blog.... I have lost over 15 accounts)

  • Track coupon usage.... That's great WHEN the customer uses the coupon code. But we all know a large number of buyers forget to use it.

  • Track "Branded Search".... (Experienced sellers have seen this a lot). If your brand performs well on social media, there will be a rise in traffic on Amazon caused by customers trying to find your product (the customer saw your product mentioned on social media and now they are trying to find it....... is your brand name memorable?)

2. TikTok users HATE ads....

All content must appear genuine and authentic, if not, your brand will suffer in the comments..... they can be brutal 🤬.

But this works in your favour because....

1. If they like the video, they will try find the product on Amazon

This means you have to create engaging and inspiring content.... What would make the user try to find your product on Amazon or click on the ad?

2. TikTok Users have a 'lemming' mentality (yeah..... I said it)

If a TikTok users sees the same product mentioned by 20 different people on TikTok, they will check it out on Amazon purely out of curiousity.

This is actually quite genius..... all you are actually doing is getting 20 different creators on TikTok ($50 per video at least) and then boosting it through TikTok Ads.

The user ends up seeing a ton of content about your brand and it's all genuine, authentic content (at least they think it is 😉).

Eventually they have to find your product on Amazon, 'cos everyone is talking about it... at least that's what we made them think 😉

Mini case study:

So as you can see from above.... tracking TikTok is tough and trying to collate is even tougher...

So rather, this is a snapshot of data....

We ran a TikTok Ads campaign a few weeks before Prime Day:

Do you know how many sales came from those 840 clicks..... 2, ONLY 2 🤬

BUT (and this is a HUGE but)

When comparing their overall sales against the same time last year:

We can see huge growth in terms of Sessions (no. of visits to your listing per day).

  • We can see huge growth in terms of Sessions (no. of visits to your listing per day).

  • They has their highest sales period over the TikTok ad period..... proving that Amazon loves TikTok traffic

  • 🔥🔥 They had their best Prime day... with no discounts

We have serviced over 50 Amazon brands and observed the following:

  • The Amazon Halo Effect is real..... we have all heard about it know and seen how some products just sell like mad for no reason. Right TikTok is the fastest way to trigger it.

  • Long term TikTok Traffic is best.... We see the best results where constant traffic was sent. Amazon doesn't want spikes in traffic.... they want to see that your brand will always bring in traffic.

TikTok Traffic is cheap and effective (much like my ex-girlfriend)....

But only for now ⏰.

Amazon PPC used to be cheap until the masses jumped in.

Don't wait.... start today 👊

- Paul

PS. If you want to get serious about TikTok, reply to this email and let's chat 😉

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