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TikTok Shop Ads vs TikTok-to-Amazon Ads 🤔

Should you run TikTok Shop Ads or TikTok ads to your Amazon listings?

Weighing Either Or GIF by Earwolf

TikTok Shop Ads: TikTok Ads to your TikTok Shop listings

TikTok Ads to your Amazon listings: TikTok Ads to your Amazon listings

I know….. running both types of ads can get expensive (I didn’t think I was cheap until I got married 🤬).

What should Amazon sellers do?

⚠️ SPOILER ALERT ⚠️: Run both types of ads

Here is a TikTok Ads campaign for one brand where we pushed traffic to their TikTok Shop products and their Amazon products:

A few points to note:

  • The Amazon Campaign had the best CPC

    • Had a CPC of $0.14 whereas the TikTok Shop (TTS) had a CPC between $0.095 -$1.81.

    • Which doesn’t make sense because you are sending users off of TikTok, so it should be much more expensive (buyers trust Amazon).

  • The Amazon campaign did not show any conversions

    • As we cannot use the TikTok pixel on Amazon, we have no way to accurately measure the sales. We could try Amazon Attribution, but it’s glitchy on a good day 🤬 

But what was the sales impact on Amazon?

Let’s look at Helium10:

How to use TikTok Shop to boost your Amazon sales

This is THE process (thank me later):

  1. Contact as many TikTok Affiliates as possible

    • Over the past 3 weeks we have contacted sent over 30,000 messages to TikTok Affiliates

    • Don’t be shy, contact as many as possible with a message like this:

      • ‘We are a top Amazon seller and we search for high performing Affiliates like yourself to showcase our brand. Any content that is created will be boosted with TikTok Ad campaigns.

        You get more cash, and we get more sales, its a win-win solution

        You will earn 20% for every sale

        We would love to discuss the opportunity with you.

        Let us know and let’s collaborate’

  2. Send them a sample and wait for them to post the content

  3. Once they post the content, get their Authorisation Code so you can run their content as a Spark Ad pointing to TikTok Shop

  4. Examine the ads to see which content performed best

    • This step is crucial because TikTok Affiliates know how to sell whereas TikTok Influencers know how to look ‘pretty’ (that’s a bit harsh…. but it’s true 😞)

  5. Buy the content from the affiliate and use it as an ad for TikTok-to-Amazon

    • TikTok Shop Affiliate posts point to TikTok Shop, you can’t change the destination of the post

    • So either, buy the content from the affiliate (offer to pay them to create a post for Amazon or outright buy the video, then download it and re-upload it)

This strategy is effective because you obtain converting content in exchange for a sample.

Gone are the days of paying thousands to influencers 👊

This is an omni-channel approach and will be the strategy for most brands.

Any questions? Let us know

- Paul

PS. If you want us to run some campaigns for you…. let me know

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