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Newsletter #3: The STD edition

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Readabilty: Grade 4 (Do I get a gold star? )

Welcome to this week's newsletter

This is the ONLY newsletter for Amazon sellers that want to use TikTok....

In this edition:

  1. TikTok research: Stop doing it yourself! Use these tips and get your minion(s) to do the work.

  2. Be Lazy! Repurpose your content: TikTok may be the #1 social media platform.... but there are others

  3. TikTok Ads Case Study: Our first case study

  4. Shopify Audiences: Could this be a gamechanger?

  5. Ask the community: What is the one thing you need help with on TikTok?

TikTok research: Stop doing it yourself! Use these tips and get your minion(s) to do the work.

Here is a 2 min summary:

If you want to grow to 100K followers, get your assistant to do the following (estimate $200 per month)

  1. Daily Competitor Analysis: Make a list of 10-20 of your main competitors and record number of views, comments shares, etc

  2. Research the TikTok Creative Centre to find trending hashtags and sounds in your region

  3. Recreate the best videos from 1. and then add in the trending hashtags, music, etc

  4. Get Comments: Comments drive engagement. Respond to a few comments or ask questions in the video, then pin that comment so everyone sees it.

Start NOW!!!

Don't waste time 'cos your competitors are doing this.....

Be Lazy!

Repurpose your content

Create one piece of content and push it to every platform.

Automatically Post Your TikTok Videos To All Your Social Media Channels.

TikTok content performs incredibly well...

So why not repurpose it for Instagram, Meta, etc

FYI: YouTube Shorts is said to be the next big thing.... so get a head start

TikTok Ads Case Study

So I have a problem.....

When sending a ton of traffic to Amazon (using TikTok Ads with Attribution links), the results are bad...

Like really bad


Do you know how many sales came from those 840 clicks..... 2, ONLY 2

BUT (and this is a HUGE but)

When comparing their overall sales against the same time last year:

TikTok Audience: The TikTok audience is different from others.... they don't actually pay attention to ads. If they are interested in a product, they will search for it on Amazon BEFORE clicking the ad or locating the Bio link.

This is why there were only 2 sales from the ads... users just don't click on ads but rather find the product themselves (3 cheers for Gen Z on trying to be independent).

Boost in Amazon sales: Basing the metrics on Amazon Attribution, it would appear that the ads failed..... but Amazon LOVES TikTok traffic and any brand that brings TikTok traffic to their platform gets awarded with a boost in organic sales (there are a ton of factors as to why..... the brand gets more searches on Amazon, their PPC becomes more profitable as you can target the traffic you are sending, etc)

Next steps: More ads, more creatives, rinse and repeat..... right now it is very easy to rank on Amazon using TikTok and once Amazon sees the traffic, the brand normally experiences the 'Halo Effect'

Shopify Audiences

Could this be a gamechanger?

Let's assume you sell Haemorrhoid Cream (I know that's pretty disgusting.... but 'digusting' helps you remember ..... so ease your piles and take a seat).

What is it:

  • Shopify sellers can opt-in and share their customer data.... so you will have access to millions of customers that can't sit for long than need a sponge doughnut to sit.... are you thinking upsells?

  • Shopify will create a custom audience for you to use on advertising platforms.

Will it work? Shopify has an audience of over 1.7 million consumers.... it still may not work, but it's worth trying.

Ask the community....

You have questions..... we have answers

If you have a TikTok/Amazon question:

  • Reply to the email with the subject line: "TikTok Ask"

  • Then we will answer and feature the question in next week's newsletter.

That's it for this week

Thanks for reading.

- Paul

PS... I don't want to be that guy and come across as a used car salesman, but I only have spots for 5 people this month. So if you want to run some TikTok campaigns and strategies, simply reply to this email and lets chat

PPS. Please share and make this email is added to your INBOX to ensure its seen by more people like you

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