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Newsletter #1: The Welcome edition

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Welcome to this week's newsletter

I have been planning this newsletter for months.. and finally it's here...

This is the #1 Newsletter for Amazon sellers using TikTok.... I can state that 'cos there is not a single newsletter focused on Amazon sellers and TikTok. I may be wrong... but who cares, I just want to show you why I am 100% focused on TikTok...

In this edition:

  1. Why your brand needs TikTok: Its still an untapped resource.... for the next 6 months.

  2. TikTok Research: Don't create.... copy and innovate

  3. New UGC Platform for Amazon sellers: You know this team.... you have used their platform.... now they can make your UGC easier

  4. The only Ad I run: How I setup Spark Ads

  5. The Amazon Halo Effect: Why TikTok is a trigger.....

Is your brand on TikTok?

Remember when Amazon Ads were easier.... I remember a day when an expensive click was $0.01. Those were the good ol' days..

Or remember when Facebook Ads were the #1 strategy for external traffic.... cheap traffic that converted.

This was just a few years ago!!!!

So stop nursing that hip Grandma/Grandpa, you are not that old....

But that's how quickly eCommerce shifts.

And now all the cool kids are on TikTok....

Amazon loves TikTok... type TikTok into Brand Analytics and look at the search volumes. The Best Sellers all correlate with viral TikTok trends.

Traffic is cheap and we only have 6 months before the masses pile in...

I am averaging $0.50c per click on TikTok ads and a ton of reach from organic views.

If your brand is not on TikTok you are missing out on tons of brand exposure.....

TikTok Research: Don't create.... copy and innovate

TikTok is still so new.. its easy to create content.

Here is my process:

  1. Use the TikTok Trends database to find content around your niche

  2. Take note of the Hashtags, music, etc

  3. Recreate the content through an influencer or content creator

  4. Measure the results

Then "Rinse & Repeat"

Right now, TikTok is about quantity.... not quality

New UGC Platform for Amazon sellers: You know this team....

If you are familiar with software tools such as Elite Seller, RebateKey, Pixelfyme, etc (I could be wrong on the exact tools they have created....)

But their newest one is https://joinbrands.com/

Basically, it allows you to get content for your brand within a week or so to be used on TikTok, IG, etc.

Pricing: It starts at $59 per video (the industry norm is $100 - $250)

Pros: The team has a proven track record of putting out exceptional software

Cons: They have not launched yet.... which means there will be bugs (that's the nature of software ).

The only Ad I run: How I setup Spark Ads

The thing about TikTok is that it is not Facebook.

So the normal Facebook strategies (ie. testing loads of different images, text, etc) does not apply to TikTok.

TikTok wants you to create TikToks, not ads... that's their motto.

Which means..... get people to post content on TikTok about your brand and then boost it with Spark Ads.

Spark Ads give you the ability to turn any TikTok post into an ad.

It comes across as authentic, genuine and most users are unaware that it is an ad.

Instead of me trying to explain it, watch this 6 min YouTube video explaining it. https://youtu.be/EjtGhJFNefU

The Amazon Halo Effect: Why TikTok is a trigger.....

Over the past year I have seen the Amazon Halo Effect in action.

Basically, every seller experiences it... some products start selling well organically once you start sending external traffic.

Hence, why rebates were so effective....

In this case, I proved it when I worked in an aggregator and see it across 80% of the campaigns I run.

For example, in the screenshot below:

They received over 1,000 clicks on their TikTok ad.... they experience a rise in sales as a result.

What was interesting is that we only ran TRAFFIC campaigns over the period above... we ran VIDEO VIEWS beforehand for 2 weeks.

Which means, most of the TikTok users do not click on ads or posts.... Rather, they open Amazon in a separate brwoser and look for the item.

I have seen countless examples of this in the past....

If you have run any TikTok campaigns, you would have seen it....

That's it for this week

Thanks for reading.

- Paul

PS... What do you think of this content? Do you love it, hate it? I am putting these out purely for value.... if you don't get anything out of it, then I am letting you down.... I wanna know.

PPS. Please share and make this email is added to your INBOX to ensure its seen by more people like you

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