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Newsletter #59: Why you need TikTok 🫵

Reading Time: 4 min XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This Week’s Ad Spend: $3,683

Readability: Grade 2 (Remember those giant pencils? I miss them…...)

The weekly newsletter with insights that’s kinda like Yoda’s advice…… "Confuse you, we might; enlighten you, we will."

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In this edition:

  • 🏆 LOCATION, LOCATION... Geo-Ranking: The Game Changer 📍

  • 📦 FROM TIKTOK TO AMAZON... Your Listings' New Best Friend! 🤝

  • 📉 MISSED VIRAL POST... Check Your Stats! 🧐

  • 📚 TIKTOK'S TIP-OFF... Creative Strategy Guide Drops! 🤓

Let’s get started…..


Geo-Ranking: The Game Changer 📍

location realestate GIF by REALTOR.ca

‘Cos keyword ranking is so 2023…. 2024 is about GEO-ranking

Do you track your keyword ranking on Amazon? I bet you do….

Are you using Helium10 to check your keyword ranking? Bet you are…

Are you checking your keyword ranking in all the US states? Doubt it…..

Geo - Ranking was a highly debated subject a few years ago but kinda died out….. but now its coming back.

‘Cos your keyword ranking differs from state to state…. Amazon ranks your products according to the stock in the nearest fulfilment warehouse.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at this:

  • We analysed this product and targeted the States with the lowest keyword ranking….. like Indiana

The campaign was a success as we improved the keyword ranking in all the low performing states..

The result?

  • Helium10 analyses the average keyword ranking and it’s now on page one for that keyword 👊

This brand will likely triple their sales in a few months….. $500k per month to $1.5 million per month.

This is using the power of Geo Ranking….. increasing the keyword ranking at a granular level… state level where over 500 postcodes are tested.

Most keyword tools base the keyword ranking using one postcode or give an overall average…. but the devil is in the details.

This is a 6 month case study and once completed will give you the breakdown 👊 Stay tuned.


Your Listings' New Best Friend! 🤝

Happy I Love You GIF by Warner Bros. Deutschland

What happens when you ‘flood’ an Amazon listing with TikTok traffic?

You need to measure 3 factors:

The Amazon traffic

  • Is there an increase to sessions, page views and conversion rate?

In these 3 cases we saw an increase in sales, conversion rate and sessions

Amazon Attribution

  • How many sales were recorded?

  • Heads up….. don’t trust Attribution as it doesn’t work when it comes to TikTok…. it does but only for a select few brands.

  • All 3 products had a sales boost but Attribution didn’t track the sales accurately.

Brand Analytics

  • Are more customers searching for the product after seeing it on TikTok?

Overall, TikTok traffic works….. but most sellers give up before they see any results. And even once you see results, they are hard to find 😞.

Each of these campaigns were run for around 2 months and had spent on average around $2,000 on TikTok Ads.

Don’t be like other sellers….. use TikTok now before the masses do.


Check Your Stats! 🧐

Angry Young And Restless GIF by CBS

I have a problem…..

As an agency, we publish around 15 - 20 TikTok posts and contact over 500 TikTok influencers/affiliates per week….. it’s a lot of work.

Sometimes our posts go viral or semi-viral, but may only occur a few weeks later after posting:

And it had a good sales impact, in time for the Christmas sales:

A lot of creators/influencers will post on TikTok and Instagram…. so you may go viral and be checking the wrong platform.

Moral of the story:

Always double check your posts….. even weeks after they were posted (had we caught this we could have increased the sales by boosting it with TikTok Ads).


Creative Strategy Guide Drops! 🤓

kristen stewart guide GIF by J.T. LEROY

TikTok just published a 34 page guide.

I mentioned it in last week’s edition…. but I didn’t read the the full guide, but this summary is what you need:

Spend a few minutes looking over it…. ‘cos your competitors will….

That's it for this week 👊

But I need to ask a favour...

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

PS.... I am building some case studies around all these articles…. watch out for those

PPS…... If you want us to run some TikTok strategies for your brand, let’s chat.

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