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Newsletter #58: 90% of TikTok Traffic is lost 🤬

Reading Time: 4 min XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This Week’s Ad Spend: $3,568

Readability: Grade 2 (More engaging than story time on the carpet. Barely……..)

The weekly newsletter that’s like a mixtape you made to impress a girl……’cos that’s true love….kids won’t understand.

In this edition:

  • 📉 DEEP LINKS?... Say Goodbye to 90% of TikTok Traffic! 💔

  •  🎯 CLICKS THAT COUNT... Trackable Links in Branded Content! 📈

  • 🎬 AD MASTERCLASS... TikTok's Winning Formula! 🥇

  • 📊 GOING VIRAL?... When TikTok Guides is your marketing team 🌟

Let’s get started…..


If not, say Goodbye to 90% of TikTok Traffic! 💔

Season 6 What GIF by The Office

If you are not using Deep Links, you are wasting your money.

Every Amazon seller needs to use Deep Links when using external traffic.

TikTok Ads -> Amazon Listing (using Attribution links)

Deep Links are links that open the App by default, not the mobile browser.

So if you are running TikTok Ads to your Amazon listings using deep links, the user clicks on the ad then the Amazon App will open….. and you are logged in… Bet you aren’t on the mobile browser.

If deep links are used.... the Amazon App will open by default (most users are logged into the app)

If deep links are NOT used..... the mobile browser will open (most are not logged in to Amazon on their mobile browser)

That’s why Deep Links are so powerful…. they make the shopping experience very smooth. Because if you are not using Deep Links then the user will need to log into Amazon or open the App manually and then search for the product….. you have most likely lost them….. too many steps…. too painful 🤬.

But what Deep Linking software should you use?

URLgenius is the best.

I ran a recent split test:

If you are NOT using Deep Links or using the wrong Deep Linking software… YOU.ARE.WASTING.YOUR.MONEY


Trackable Links in Branded Content! 📈

Bill Murray Christmas Movies GIF by filmeditor

This is a big deal!

But no one is aware of it….. (that’s why you read this newsletter….’cos you are smart 🧠).

The TikTok Creator Marketplace is TikTok’s own influencer database and it’s great….. but measuring ROI is near impossible.

Introducing….. ANCHORS.

They allow you to create ‘anchors’ in your posts…. CTA’s to encourage comments or App installs.

Currently, it’s more focussed on Apps but the comment anchor, in theory, would create engagement and engagement is the key metric you need to go viral.

Ways to use this:

  • Use a ‘comment pop-up’ to ask the user what is the best product in this niche (product research)

  • Create a video explaining why your product is better than your competitors then use a ‘comment pop-up’ to get users to slate your competitor (it’s nasty… but effective)

  • Use the ‘comment pop-up’ to engage with your ideal customers and ask them how they would improve the product

I am creating a deep dive into this strategy….. look out for the case study 👊


TikTok's Winning Formula! 🥇

business uniqueness GIF

Skim over it as only a handful of strategies are relatable as they require the TikTok pixel and if you are pushing traffic to Amazon….. you can’t use the pixel 🤬.

But if you read this guide you will be ahead of 99% of Amazon sellers because external traffic is often ignored….. sellers would rather spend time on PPC strategies as it’s easier to track.

Every Amazon seller is focussed on PPC….. will PPC get any cheaper? I doubt it…..

So your best option is to ‘flood’ your listing with TikTok traffic.

It may take a while to see any increase in sales….. but I am seeing a 30% increase in sales after 3 months of consistent TikTok traffic. But most give up before its effective 😞.


When TikTok Guides is your marketing team 🌟

Delegating Small Business GIF

Sales have quadrupled since 2018 to about $125 million a year.

“We don’t spend money on traditional advertising. It’s fully viral. Which is a little scary because we haven’t got any control over the message about our brand.”

Henrik Pade - Managing Director

The question is:

Who is in control? Them or TikTok?

If TikTok shutdown overnight, they would lose everything….. no new customers as their would be no marketing…. it would take them months to recreate the success of TikTok… their workforce doubled based on the success of TikTok… which makes it more worrying…

Everyone wants to go viral and I am willing to bet you personally know of a person/brand that went viral…. BUT….

Do you know of a brand that goes viral repeatedly?

You don’t…. ‘cos going viral more than once is an urban legend

I am a control freak and if you are a seller…. I bet you are too 👊.

So would you rather dictate your sales or rely on an algorithm?

Be very careful about brands bragging about virality…. it will be short-lived and it may cause more harm than good.

That's it for this week 👊

But I need to ask a favour...

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

PPS…. We are releasing a bunch of updates for our TikTok Shop and TikTok-to-Amazon campaigns…. if you are interested… send me a message (heads up, campaigns are expensive…..around $2,000 per month…. it’s not cheap).

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