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Newsletter #57: TikTok Search is Taking Over 👁️

Reading Time: 3 min

This Week’s Ad Spend: $3,564

Readability: Grade 2 (At this point, my pen is just a crayon.)

The weekly newsletter that taught Ted Lasso the biscuit recipe and his dance moves….. 🍪

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In this edition:

  • 🤳 TIKTOK'S SEARCH... New Downloadable Shortcut! 🎯

  • 🚨 TIKTOK'S SELF-SABOTAGE... Killing Partnerships, Adding Fluff!

  • 🌐 GEO TARGETING... Geo-Targeting - It’s just the beginning! 💥

Let’s get started.....


New Downloadable Shortcut! 🎯

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TikTok is pushing their Search….

Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at the facts

The analytics screen in TikTok Shop, just launched ‘Search’ phrases:

They even show the top keywords and Search Volume:

Then you see this stat:

Then you see TikTok just launched their Downloadable Search Shortcut:

Like it or not…….. YOUR current and future customers are searching on TikTok.

It’s like SEO but with short form video.

The easiest time to rank is in the beginning…. that time is now…..

TikTok is still figuring out their Search… they may be a while…..

But in the meantime:

  • Post videos

  • Get users to search for your brand (simple, but incredibly effective and this will overflow into Brand Analytics Search Data on Amazon 🚀 )

  • Play the long game….. normal SEO can take months to years….. Who knows if TikTok will be around that long….but it’s worth it.

Be the brand where customers say “I found it on TikTok”…. your sales will thank you for it.


Killing Partnerships, Adding Fluff! 💣

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At least once a week I see an article like this, talking about the downfall of TikTok.

And I get it…..

TikTok is a disruptor…. the East is taking charge. As Amazon sellers, we are use to it as we have all had that one copycat seller from China.

This article discusses the pitfalls of growth and TikTok is fumbling…

“They predict TikTok Shop may be the downfall of TikTok.”

This may be true…..


That’s like saying Amazon is going to ban all Chinese sellers….. even if they did, the Chinese sellers would still find a way to sell on Amazon.

TikTok will always find a way…. it may change, but there will always be some loophole.

TikTok Shop may not be around forever….. but thats not stopping sellers right now from making bank.

Time is your enemy…. don’t waste it….. Get on TikTok Shop now 🚀 


It’s just the beginning! 💥

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So Amazon just announced this….. Location targeting with PPC

A few years ago there was a debate around Geo Targeting in the Amazon communities…..

One half said Geo Targeting is a lie…. the other half swore by it…

Geo Targeting in a nutshell:

  • Keyword searches on Amazon are location specific

  • If your brand has the #1 organic rank for “Baby Blanket” it will be different in California, Dallas, etc.

Because Amazon ranks products according to the nearest FBA fulfilment centre…. if they have stock in the nearest warehouse, then its cheaper to ship.

If you send Amazon a bunch of traffic from those poorly ranked states, Amazon sees the traffic and hence moves some of your stock to those warehouses…… your ranking improves.

I am preparing 6 case studies for products that have a poor ranking in certain states and then we improve it using external traffic… hence, increasing their overall sales.

‘Cos I have access to a tool that shows state-wide keyword ranking.

More on this coming up in the next few weeks……..

That's it for this week 👊

But I need to ask a favour...

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

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