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Newsletter 56: TikTok Search is Your New Best friend

Reading Time: 4 min XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This Week’s Ad Spend: $3,523

Readability: Grade 2 (All those classes skipped and here we are. Savant?)

The weekly newsletter that’s easier to follow than Yoda's grammar.

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In this edition:

  • 🔍 TIKTOK SEARCHES... Amazon's new rival?

  • 🤖 SHOPPING REVOLUTION...TikTok Turns Videos into Shops!

  • 🛍️ GEN Z'S 2024 SPLURGE... What Are Zoomers Buying Now?

  • 🛒 NO FILTER SHOPPING... TikTok's Random Retail Therapy!

Let’s get started…..


Amazon's new rival?

Amazon Conan GIF by Team Coco

‘Search’ and Ecommerce….. TikTok wants to be the best.

Gen Z is already using TikTok over Google for general search and now they are favouring it over Amazon for product search.

But do you know TikTok Shop has their own version of ‘Brand Analytics’?

Let’s take a look:

Product 1: Sports niche

Product 2: Beauty niche

Product 3: New Product - Not indexed yet

What does this mean?

TikTok only lists the terms that users are searching for that relate to your product. TikTok gets is wrong…. almost all the time, but they are trying…. reminds me of the ‘little engine that could’.

TikTok Search is in its infancy, but its growing by leaps and bounds 🚀 .

Right now I am split testing a number of titles and keywords to manipulate TikTok Search…. not sure if it will work, but stay tuned and I will keep you updated.


In the first 2 screenshots above the brands had around 8 sales from keywords that were not related to the brands….. so yeah….. TikTok Search works…. even if it is kinda broken.


TikTok Turns Videos into Shops!

product placement GIF by funk

It’s official…. TikTik wants every video to have shoppable products.

Using advanced technology, TikTok’s new feature automatically identifies objects in a video and prompts viewers to “find similar items on TikTok Shop

TikTok are trying everything…… whilst this may not work, I applaud them for their efforts 👏.

TikTok users are not happy as their TikTok feed is filled with videos of products they are not interested in….. TikTok Shop could be the downfall of TikTok.

But I doubt it…. TikTok has hired the world’s best developers and engineers to disrupt the market…. they run tons of experiments…..much like Amazon…. remember the Fire phone?

Watch this space as TikTok is evolving at an impressive rate 👊.


What Are Zoomers Buying Now?

Ming Na Wen Kid GIF by The Roku Channel

Gen Z is your future…. they are THE future….. I am worried about our future 😞…. talking to you Barbara.

‘Cos I have a Gen Z assistant, Barbara….. She doesn’t know what a deadline is…. complains if I contact her before midday….constantly complains about the difficulties in her life…….. constantly talking about that Netflix show where the mentally handicapped look for romance (Love Island)….

But she knows TikTok and when she goes Live, she engages with more people in 20 min than I do within a month….

Barbara is the future. Where attention is more valuable than money.

So where does Barbara go when she has a question?

Google… NO. TIKTOK

But when she wants to learn a new skill…. YOUTUBE

Barbara may not be your ideal customer now….. but in a few years these Barbara’s will have all the purchasing power.


TikTok's Random Retail Therapy!

this is so random snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

This is not a good sign from TikTok ‘cos users want personalisation.

The biggest draw for TikTok is it’s addictive For-You Page and if that bombards you with products you are not interested in….. that will scare off users.

But you have to stumble before you can run….

TikTok is trying everything… but lets hope it is not at the expense of their users.

That's it for this week 👊

But I need to ask a favour...

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

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