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Newsletter #53: Compare Sales to TikTok Shop

Reading Time: 6 min XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This Week’s Ad Spend: $3,256

Readability: Grade 3 (Setting the bar high for the new academic year 😞)

The weekly newsletter that’s brighter than your new year ambitions... but way less sweaty 🏃.

In this edition:

  • 💰 TIKTOK SHOP SALES.... How do you compare?

  • 🛞 SPIN TO WIN.... TikTok trend for rebates?

  • 🤔 THINKING OF TIKTOK SHOP?.... What if you couldn’t fail?


How do you compare?

Think Lauren Ash GIF by ABC Network

Do you want to know how much shops are earning on TikTok Shop?

Top 500 product sales for 1 - 7 Jan ‘24.

Sales ranging from $2,963.20 → $22,059,358.80

FYI: This is not public data…. I paid for this…. you’re welcome

These numbers crush those from last year…. it’s a good sign if you are focussed on TikTok.

Let me know your thoughts…..

I will be doing a deep dive on TikTok Shop vs Amazon in the next upcoming week and anything you want me to cover…. just ask 👊.


TikTok trend for rebates?

Tv Show Rainbow GIF by Big Time Gaming

Whenever I see a trend on TikTok, I immediately think…..

How can I use this for Amazon?

Then I stumbled on this account:


Replying to @Ya boy I didn’t expect Darwizzy to make his comeback 💀 Who wants to be the next Darwizzy??👹👀 #wheeloffaith #spinthewheel #wheelspin

The just:

  • It’s linked to an online game where online characters duel it out, kinda like D&D….. I don’t really understand it… it’s WILD

  • You can either pay $75 to enter and ‘spin’ the wheel to see what you get or comment on every video

This is pretty genius as your engagement goes through the roof with all the comments…… this account averages 200k views per post.

How I would use this:

  • Build your fan base……. run a weekly ‘spin’ where customers can earn discounts and free products.

  • They have to comment in the week’s buildup posts to enter the ‘spin’ or they have to buy a product to enter….. ahem rebates 👊

This sounds easy and it is in principle….. but tough to execute.

You will need someone to manage your account and record the comments.

It’s a ton of work….. but you would have your own Marketing Machine building up your account, email list and customer list.


What if you couldn’t fail?

fail michelle buteau GIF by WNYC Studios

I am putting a TikTok Shop group together and asked in a previous email who would be interested:

 ‘Cos the thing is……

We all KNOW Amazon… Walmart is meh…… but the idea of TikTok Shop catches you.

I need to be honest…. TikTok Shop may not be ideal for your product…. but if it is…. 🚀 🚀 💰.


What if you couldn’t fail?

I am putting a TikTok Shop group together…… with some perks 💪

  • Issues with TikTok Shop management

    • We have a TikTok Shop expert VA ready to answer and help you

  • Need influencers? Run Ads? Niche research?

    • Hire our team for these tasks…. “point & click”

  • Don’t know what to do?

    • My TikTok Shop training/course

    • Access to the exact training I use to train my team

  • TikTok Shop Slack group

    • A group where we can collaborate and share our learnings

  • Weekly research

    • Every week we will send reports through on what creators are the best, best videos, trending products and a whole lot more

With these resources, it’s like having your own TikTok team on speed dial.

Watch your inbox next week when it drops……

And yes Scrooge….. it will be a paid group

That's it for this week 👊

Thanks for reading.

- Paul

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