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Newsletter #50: Are you ready for Q5?.... Q4 is over

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Readability: Grade 2 (So easy a cave... I mean a substitute teacher, could understand it.)

The weekly newsletter that has more surprises than your ex-partner’s dating history…. but without the crabs 🦀

In this edition:

  • 🤯 Q5 EXISTS?... ‘Cos Q4 is so last season, catchup boomer

  • 🤑 6 TIMES THE CHARM... The Power of TikTok Shop 🍀✨

  • 🌟 START-UP TO SCALE-UP... Your TikTok eCommerce Blueprint! 🔍

  • 🔄 SYNC & SELL...TikTok x Salesforce: The New Era of Marketing

Let’s get started…..


‘Cos Q4 is so last season, catchup boomer

Oh Yeah Reaction GIF by NBA

Forget Q4…... you need to focus on Q5 - The period between Christmas and midway into January.

No fear…. TikTok saves the day as they just published a Q5 Marketing guide.

Some highlights:

  • TikTok audiences are more engaged in Q5

  • 81% plan to spend the same or more amount of time using TikTok in Q5

  • 79% are likely to continue shopping in Q5

  • 51% are likely to shop in Q5 to treat themselves

  • 50% plan to shop in Q5 to take advantage of post-holiday sales

Take advantage of Q5 to supercharge your Q1 buzz 🚀 


The Power of TikTok Shop 🍀✨

Cash Register Success GIF

TikTok Shop is a blue ocean…. it’s time for you to be a shark 🦈

$50 spent... over $300 in sales.....6 ROAS

This was purely a test campaign....

The ads were not optimised, meaning we still need to:

  • Split test the content

  • Build the audience

  • Start retargeting

  • tons more....

Great sign to get 6 ROAS in the test campaigns.

Imagine when we optimise and increase the budget 🚀 

The thing is..... TikTok Ads are cheap.... but TikTok Shop Ads are even cheaper

  1. Open a TikTok Shop

  2. Create content

  3. Start running ads.

This campaign crushed it because very few brands are running ads on TikTok Shop....

You need to start today…. before the masses jump (‘cos Amazon sellers are known for ruining a good party…. remember SFB, Incentivised Reviews, rebates?)


Your TikTok eCommerce Blueprint! 🔍

kristen stewart guide GIF by J.T. LEROY

The guide provides a step-by-step checklist of each required element.

It’s a good, simple overview of the process, which could be a big help, especially if you’re looking to try out TikTok ads this Q4 (and Q5?).


TikTok x Salesforce: The New Era of Marketing

Vibing Kanye West GIF by Jake Martella

Enabling TikTok advertisers to transfer the leads to Salesforce, making it easier to action relevant data and insights.

That, effectively, will bring more TikTok insights direct to your CRM, which will streamline the process of managing and maximizing your TikTok ad campaigns.

Whilst none of use may use Salesforce… it shows that TikTok is constantly adding new integrations.

It’s a good sign as the platform grows.

That's it for this week 👊

But I need to ask a favour...

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

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