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Newsletter #51: End of influencers?

Reading Time: 4 min XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This Week’s Ad Spend: $1,345

Readability: Grade 4 (If this newsletter were any clearer, I'd be handing out scholarships.)

The weekly TikTok newsletter that’s more comforting than your childhood blankie... Wrap yourself in our cozy updates 🛌.

Apologies for the absence….. just emigrated from 🇿🇦 to 🇬🇧 (how well do you know your flags?)….. made the move over Black Friday week…. bad decision…. it was chaos…… almost left a kid behind…. purposely 🤬 

Hit me up if you are in London and want to buy me a meal (yes, I am that cheap)

In this edition:

  • 💸 TIKTOK SHOP PRINTS MONEY.... Have you seen these stats?

  • 💖 TIKTOK'S #1 FANS... Gen Z Women Lead Over Men! 🚀

  • 🌟 ANIMATE ANYONE... Is this the end of Influencers? 🤖

  • 🚀 LENGTH MATTERS ON TIKTOK... Long-Form Creators Growing 5x Faster! 🎥

Let’s get started…..


Have you seen these stats?

Scrooge Mcduck Money GIF by University of Alaska Fairbanks

Let’s face it….. you are tired of seeing guru’s screenshots of their Amazon Ads:

10% ACOS… follow me to find out why

says every Amazon guru

But there is a new stat in town….. TikTok Shop metrics.

Here is a snapshot of one of my recent campaigns:

Yes, you read that right….. for every dollar spent on TikTok Shop Ads we are getting $9 - $11 back 🚀.

But here is the truth……

  • This product is ideal for TikTok , so it makes ads much easier

  • This is a niche that is on fire right now, by simply listing a product… you….get…..sales!

But also, TikTok Shop is severely underserved…. we are in a period with tons of buyers, not enough sellers.

This period won’t last long…. Get in before the other Amazon sellers get in (‘cos we know how Amazon sellers ruin a party…. remember incentivised reviews, SFB, rebates?).

Side note: I can’t sell on TikTok Shop because I am not a U.S. citizen, very frustrating…. kinda like helping your little brother to get the cookie jar and then he eats all the cookies 😞


Gen Z Women Lead Over Men! 🚀

“TikTok is a Gen Z women-centric app, and it is setting the tone and the narrative for what is ‘hot’ online,”

Ellyn Briggs, a brands analyst at Morning Consult.

I know of an Amazon seller that is doing over 8 figures on TikTok Shop…. in just 4 months 🚀 

Their product is ideal for women……they are just meeting the demand.

If you sell products ideal for women, then you should be on TikTok…. if you sell products that are great for men….. those women will likely buy it for their partner.

Either way, my point is…. YOU.SHOULD.BE.ON.TIKTOK.SHOP


Is this the end of influencers?

Social Media Girl GIF by Sholim

I won’t lie…. my biggest issue with running a TikTok agency is….


It’s tough to work with people that complain when you call them before 12pm or have to explain what a deadline is.

That’s why I excited about AI and it’s advancements.

And now Alibaba have made a tool that is close….. it can’t replace an influencer, but wait a few months and eventually AI will be able to (demo your products, etc)

It will be a gamechanger….. I already tried a few AI tools that were supposed to create content from my videos….. it left a lot to be desired, but the future is looking good 👊


Long-Form Creators Growing 5x Faster! 🎥

Go Pittsburgh Pa GIF by Mike Hitt

Get your head out of the gutter…. that is not what I meant 🤬 

‘Cos 45 seconds may not be long enough for you to explain how awesome your product is. I bet you could talk non-stop for a few minutes showcasing your brand.

Ditch the short videos and create some engaging, eye-catching videos that hook the user.

Instructional videos are ideal for this….. educate the user whilst entertaining them.

That's it for this week 👊

I have tons of case studies and tips dropping next week…. lookout for those

One last thing…. trivia time:

Which one of these black-hat tactics were once legal?

Meaning, there were no strict Amazon rules against them?

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

PS.... We offer TikTok and TikTok Shop for Amazon sellers. We still have a few spots open for Q1….. reply to this and let’s chat about your brand 🚀 

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