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FREE Access to our Amazon TikTok course

Want FREE access to my TikTok Amazon course?

My goal has never changed:

Get as many Amazon sellers to use TikTok to grow their Amazon sales

‘Cos Amazon PPC is a race to the bottom 🤬 We need to look at alternatives.

Over the past few weeks I have been re-recording all our content (as it needed to be updated).

‘Cos this course is important….. it’s the exact training new hires go through. All our strategies (basic, advanced and ninja 🥷) are covered.

All the advanced strategies like:

  • Using TikTok to complement you Amazon PPC

  • Creating content to increase your Amazon sales

  • Increase your Storefront Followers (allowing you to mass email them)

  • Increase the search volume of your brand

  • And a ton more…..

We created our own Amazon TikTok Brief builder (before TikTok) and now we just made our course FREE!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts

— Paul

PPS Just a heads up…. not sure how long before I increase the price and stuff…

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