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76% Increase using TikTok Ads

Amazon loves TikTok traffic... let me prove it 👊

Here is a brand that launched on Amazon 2 months ago.... they are a fitness brand and they have tons of UGC content

We ran 9 days of TikTok Ads

  • $50 per day.... $450 total

  • Ads sent traffic from TikTok to the Product Detail Page

  • We compared three 9 day intervals

  • No changes to PPC were made during the campaign

  • Amazon Attribution only reported a handful of sales... tons of clicks though

We compared three 9 day intervals:

What was interesting is that their Unit Session Percentage (conversion rate) remained unchanged:

In terms of daily sessions... it increased by roughly 100 (I know sessions are a widely debated topic.... but I assume an 80% accuracy as a rule of thumb)

So that means....

If they have a conversion rate of 4.43% with roughly 231 daily sessions, and are getting 10 sales per day currently (with TikTok Ads).... then if they want 20 sales per day, they need to 2x-3x their TikTok ad spend.


TikTok traffic can only help your sales 🚀 The more traffic you send... the more sales you will get.

What's next?

  1. Double then triple their TikTok Ad spend

  2. Make more creatives and use them in the ads to prevent ad fatigue

  3. Then use their best creatives in their Amazon PPC video campaigns and when it is released, Amazon's new Inspire feature.

It really is that simple..... create engaging videos, use them with TikTok Ads, see your sales increase.

Do you want to run a TikTok campaign?

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