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Newsletter #6: The Nugget Edition

Welcome to this week's newsletter

The Newsletter that inspired Maverick to be a pilot (Make sure to read this.... or end up like Goose πŸ’₯)

This week I dug through some of my favourite Twitter posts (big up to Michael Sanchez πŸ‘Š) along with some influencer strategies....

There is a lot of "meat on this bone" (and I am vegetarian 😞)

So let's dig in.....

In this edition:

  1. What is the TRUE source of influencer traffic.... the difference between an average influencer and "they are so good I don't want to tell anyone" influencer

  2. Secret to virality.... your content is just boring (you are no Spielberg πŸŽ₯)

  3. Using Competitors for content.....'cos originality is so 2020

  4. UGC for Amazon sellers... Budget like Buffet 🏦 Execute like Einstein βš›οΈ

  5. Quality vs Quantity.... content at the speed of Flash ⚑, but resembles Freddie Kruger 😱

What is the TRUE source of influencer traffic?

So my cheap ways have no boundaries...

Just this morning I claimed 20% of my daughter's tooth fairy money.... Dad tax is real!!!

I approach influencers the same way. I want to get maximum exposure with minimal effort and cost.

But I have spent thousands on influencers and to be honest..... fewer than 6 posts did well 🀬.

But TikTok influencers are kinda like Amazon PPC.... they are needed

But it's not enough anymore to just work with any influencer.... you have to work with influencers that have the right audience and traffic.

Let me explain.....

I spent a lot of time running influencer posts through the TikTok Creator Marketplace and noticed a metric that was very interesting:

Video Views by Source - We can see WHERE the traffic on TikTok came from

Let's delve deeper, here are 3 influencer posts:

I wanted further clarification and reached out to TikTok Support:

"For You": Views from the For You page.

"Following": Views from the Profile's followers through the "Following" tab.

"Personal Profile": Views that are obtained when people watch the video while accessing directly the creatorΒ΄s profile, however not necessarily the viewers need to be following the creator.Β "Search": When people find and view the video through the "search" option, for example, if the video shows cars, people might find the video using the keyword "cars", so in the case the video is viewed, that view counts in the metrics.

"Hashtag": This is when the video has a #hashtag and people find the video by clicking on the same #hashtag on another video. For example, if your video has the #hashtag #cars and viewers watching another video with #cars click on it and find and view your video.

TikTok Support

What does this mean for Amazon sellers?

Stop wasting time with sloppy influencer campaigns.... you simply don't have the time.....

The only 2 metrics you want to focus on is the "For You" page and their audience.

Either they create great content and get on the For You page or their audience will see it.

Because if you sell a Pen Organiser on Amazon and create a TikTok influencer campaign.... the odds of going viral are poor at best. But it's their audience you want....focus on influencers that have the ideal audience for your brand.

Knowing this can make your influencer campaigns go 10x πŸ‘Š

And this is only scratching the surface... because this can boost Branded Search on Amazon through TikTok hashtags.. we are doing this right nowπŸ˜‰

Secret to virality

TikTok wants engagement and if your content does not get people to comment... then you have failed.

There is not much to say really... create content that causes people to comment.

How I am using this in my brands:

  • Making a list of all the comments that got the most likes and replies on my competitors videos

  • Then getting friends to post the comments on my videos

  • Then I will get a verified TikTok account to post a comment on the competitor's videos saying "This brand sucks... you need to try [YOUR BRAND]" (comments from verified accounts pop up to the top of the comments).

I am testing a bunch of different of variations on this and will keep you posted on the results.

Using Competitors for content.....'cos originality is so 2020

You sell in the baby category on Amazon and this is your competitor.

And you need to search through all their content and find the videos that have the best reach, comments, likes, etc.

Because here is another secret to TikTok...

Don't be original... copy what works and improve on it

You need to create a list of all their content, comments, likes, etc... it's a massive job 🀬

Because you are ahead of everyone else you will use TokAudit to get all that data like this:

TokAudit is the brain-child of Michael Sanchez (seeing a theme here?).... don't pay yet... I have a 30 day free plan for you... will send it in next week's email.

So once you scrape all that data:

  • Create content as similar as possible to your competitor and try to improve on it if you are feeling energetic (I never do).

  • Re-use the same hashtags and make sure to use your brands hashtag

  • Get friends and family to comment on the video... you need to create engagement.

For added bonus.... boost the video through Spark Ads and target all the hashtags your competitor used.... Take their audience πŸ‘Š

UGC for Amazon sellers...

Budget like Buffet 🏦 ........ Execute like Einstein βš›οΈ

Here is a great post from the UGC agency.

How does this apply to Amazon?

  • It's far easier for Amazon πŸ‘Š

  • Amazon LOVES TikTok traffic (type TikTok into Brand Analytics if you don't believe me).

  • Follow the exact same process but point ALL the traffic to your Storefont or listings

Because here is the #1 reason why this gives you the edge:

What converts better..... An Amazon listing or your website?

Even a poorly optimised listing converts at 10%.... the best Shopify websites would kill for that type of conversion.

So if you boost traffic to your Amazon listing, Storefont and Branded Search (your brand name), then Amazon has no choice but to take notice of you.... hence you experience the Amazon Halo Effect (yes, it's real).

And if you are a cheapskate like me then you want to know how much this will cost you in time and money...

  • Each video should cost you around $100 to create

  • 7 Videos per week ($700 per week/$2800 per month)

  • I would spend $50 per day boosting the content through TikTok ads ($1,500 per month)

Total: $4,300 per month around 2 hours per week

Whoa, there Scrooge..... I know that sounds like a fortune...


Consider the reach and traffic that will be sent to your Amazon listing....

Show me a brand that has done this and NOT shown an increase in sales..... I dare you... You won't because it doesn't exist.

Social Commerce is the new goldrush..... are you selling shovels? ⛏️

Quality vs Quantity....

Content at the speed of Flash ⚑, but resembles Freddie Kruger 😱

They must be using API to do that....

Based on those numbers, 15 viral out of 2,105 videos is 0.007% success rate.

Based on those metrics, you will need 1,000 videos to go viral (yes, that's how difficult it is to go viral).

How I would do it:

  • Use a program like InVideo

  • They offer API integration and you can create dozens of TikTok videos automatically (don't ask me how... but it can be done....Google is your friend πŸ˜‰).

  • Use API further API to post the content on TikTok with the relevant hashtags

All you need is one post to go viral and it can change the course of your business.....

What are you waiting for?

That's it for this week πŸ‘Š

But I need to ask a favour...

What did you think of this week's content?

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Thanks for reading.

- Paul

PS... Next week we are launching our services (been in stealth the past few months).... if you want to get serious about TikTok for your Amazon brand, reply to this email and let's chat before we close to new clients

PPPS..... If you REALLY enjoyed this.... share the love.... the aim of this newsletter is to give you an ego boost πŸ‘Š... 'cos you now know more than 99% of other Amazon sellers...share this newsletter purely to say "I found it first!" If you get the most shares then you and I will have a 1:1 strategy call πŸ‘Š

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